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It is a permissive commercial publication sent regularly via mail, to our database of business contacts, informing about news, promotions, being an effective and direct communication tool.

What you need to communicate?

For a campaign to be effective, we must take into account what we want to achieve, which is our target audience and if we must send one mailing or several repetitions.

What advantages can you get?

  • The commercial contact is interested in your content, since it has previously accepted to receive commercial information of its sector.
  • Even if it is not a direct sales tool, you can indirectly influence prescribers.
  • It is not a great economic investment, since there are other marketing strategies where you should invest more for the same result.
  • Makes business contacts aware of the latest news and promotions of your brand.
  • It is one of the most important sources of traffic to your website, social networks or post.
  • It is an ideal channel to maintain customers and users.
  • It adapts perfectly to all devices.
  • A newsletter offers more possibility of conversation than a publication on social networks.
  • It is a secure communication channel, since social networks could close their doors or lose importance in the future, but the business contacts that are loyal to your newsletter are loyal users.

Types of Newsletter

  • Monographic – advertorial: Personalized and exclusive mailing, dedicated to the content of a single company. The mailing will be dedicated to your most outstanding products, to your virtual catalog, to the presentation of the Web page, to informe of your latest news, … In addition to text and graphic information, within the Newsletter we can redirect business contacts to your Web, virtual catalog, Social Network and even design a specific form or create a survey


  • Sectorial: They are informative and distributed with some frequency. Its content has different proposals of interest on companies in your same sector. In this case, you will share space with other companies.


We send regular non-intrusive mailings with commercial information from manufacturers and processors, complying with the R.G.P. D, to our list of business contacts. Registration of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection with the number 2180791242

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