ROZENBAL expert company in the design and production of cleaning products launches the following novelties to the market:

Multipurpose brush. This brush with hundreds of plastic filaments is ideal for cleaning both the most encrusted areas and for delicate use, such as sofas and textiles.

Doormats: With this new range, we cover from a 3D doormat to a range of step mats, purely designed to give a greater warmth to the home.

All of them with a non-slip rubber base, which makes the mat fixed to the floor avoiding slipping. Always taking into account the choice of materials and designs depending on where they are intended.


Plastic scourer ball with handle, With interchangeable head and an ergonomic handle, this scourer offers an efficiency in cleaning and care on all surfaces for its No Strip effect. It is even suitable for cleaning ceramic hobs. Its ergonomic handle, facilitates access to the most difficult areas, also allowing greater care of the hands to not have direct contact with the scrubbing or with the products used for cleaning.


24 plastic clips Presented in a display box, these clips, apart from being very resistant, are injected in a single piece, which makes them truly unbreakable.

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